Why Is Regular Ac Servicing Necessary?

An air conditioner is, unfortunately, just like every other household appliance. That is, even this life-saving device during a Boerne summer is susceptible to the usual depreciation that every appliance is prone to. To overcome this, an AC technician will continue to visit client’s homes to carry out a routine Ac service in Boerne, TX.

Common Causes for Wear and Tear

AC systems can suffer a great deal of wear and tear while it is functioning. However, the degree to which it depreciates depends on the geographical location in which it is present. A few factors that contribute to this problem involve –

  • Condenser Coil Dirt

Once the air containing dirt particles comes within the proximity of the AC, they will come in contact with the condenser coils present in the AC. Thus, the AC conditioner will see a decrease in the ability to carry out cooling since the coils have less surface area exposed to actual air.

  • Frosty Evaporator Coils

This problem tends to take place when one sets the thermostat to relatively lower temperatures. Below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, to be precise. Over a period, these low temperatures will lead to the evaporator coils containing liquid refrigerant, to become frozen. Thus, the system will not cool any air.

  • Lacking Refridegerant

The refrigerant is a liquid that is present in the evaporator, as mentioned earlier coils. This liquid comes in contact with the external warm air and cools it down before releasing it again. However, if there is a crack or an opening in the refrigerant lines, it could lead to refrigerant leakage. This could further result in a decreased efficiency of the system.

  • Duct Cavities

Another possibility of leakage can take place in the ducts. This network of ducts carries cool air throughout the home. However, if there is a hole or cavity in any of the ducts, it could lead to the leaking of cool air into undesired spaces. Therefore, certain regions of the home or office do not receive any cooling.

Advantages of Regular AC Service Boerne TX

In addition to having a fully functioning AC, regular AC servicing can also have beneficial implications. These include –

  • Increasing the Lifespan

Given the problems mentioned earlier that may come up, regular checkups must take place. The reason being that the faster these problems are detected, the easier it is to solve them. Therefore, making sure that regular servicing takes place will lead to a longer AC lifespan in general.

  • Better Air Quality

A clogged air filter can result in the AC finding it hard to clean the air that passes through it. Therefore, Ac services in Boerne, TX, usually begin with a replacement of the air filter so that the airflow is unrestricted. In addition to this, a clean filter will also ensure that all the impurities coming in are caught.

  • Warranty Compliance

Just like other home appliances like refrigerators, an AC company also provides a warranty on the system. As per this warranty, the AC has to receive authorized servicing for the warranty to be valid.

Therefore, to fulfill this warranty and extend the overall lifespan of the AC, one can look towards hiring air conditioner services available at Lindner Cooling and Heating. To book an appointment today, visit the website here.