When Should You Get AC Service Done?

Even the greatest air conditioners need to be serviced now and again. They’ll struggle to function if they don’t get it, leading to energy efficiency and lifespan difficulties.

The question is, how often should my air conditioner be serviced?

  • How Often Should Your Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

Though there is some leeway, you should normally have your air conditioner checked twice a year: once in the winter and then again in the summer. 

HVAC experts focus on your heater or furnace in the fall, so it’s as good as it can be for the cold. HVAC experts plan tune-ups for air conditioners in the summer after the weather has warmed up, ready for the heat and humidity.

This isn’t to imply you shouldn’t try to keep your air conditioner in good shape. It would be best if you did so. However, when it comes to professional AC services near you, twice a year will suffice.

  • How Much Does An Air Conditioner Service Cost?

Whether you installed central air conditioning or moved into a home with an existing heating and cooling system, the cost of annual air conditioning repair and maintenance is well worth it to avoid future AC problems. It will also help you prevent repairing costly system components such as an air compressor or an evaporator coil.

Some HVAC professionals offer a set amount for routine air conditioner maintenance, while others bill by the hour. The normal cost of air conditioner maintenance is around $140-$220, whereas the typical cost of air conditioner repair is around $300-$700.

  • The Advantages of Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Many HVAC firms now provide maintenance contracts. These are simply contracts where the consumer agrees to pay a certain fee in exchange for specific services. Customers who purchase service contracts receive not just a twice-yearly maintenance examination but also discounted pricing on various components and accessories.

The following are some of the advantages of AC maintenance contracts:

  • Priority Treatment

Breakdown in the middle of the night? You won’t have to wait longer for your AC specialist to arrive and address the problem if you’ve signed up for a service contract.

  • Discounts on Most Parts and Accessories

It isn’t always the most cost-effective alternative to repair an air conditioner. Some repairs can cost thousands of dollars. For example, if your compressor fails, it’s a costly repair that you can’t afford because you can’t run an air conditioner without it.

  • Do you require ac service in Boerne, Tx?

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