What Should You Check When Your AC Is Not Cooling?

Numerous AC repair services in Boerne, Tx, can uncover potential issues causing these devices to malfunction and fail. Unfortunately, it is more typical for homeowners ignorant of the possible abuse and neglect they put on their system to experience these failures. An air conditioner may encounter several issues over its lifetime. The two most frequently requested questions are when to contact for air conditioning installation and what the homeowner can do to avoid problems.

Several things can cause air conditioning failures, and the solutions to ease your understanding are listed below.

  • Insufficient upkeep and cleaning

An annual tune-up is critical to the efficiency of your air conditioner. A Lewiston air conditioning repair technician can spot possible issues before they become serious. Regular maintenance should include cleaning the coils and inspecting the entire system. If you don’t keep your system up to date, the warranty from the manufacturer may be null and void.

  • Refrigeration fluid is leaking out.

If your air conditioner isn’t dispersing cold air, the coolant or refrigerant running through the coils may leak or malfunction. If the refrigerant is no longer available, an air conditioning repair in Boerne, Tx, can replace it.

  • Compressor or fan blades that are worn out

Compressor failure is frequently caused by an underlying issue that puts the system under stress, such as damaged fan blades, compressors, or electrical problems. It is common for worn or damaged parts to be discovered before they need to be replaced during annual maintenance.

  • An out-of-service circuit breaker

A faulty circuit breaker or fuse is a common cause of air conditioner failure. Changing a blown breaker or a fuse on your own might be dangerous because you’re dealing with your electrical system. Clear, complete, and exact instructions are essential; make sure to cool down and test your system before you begin the process of installing.

  • Thermostat malfunction

Controls are the source of a problem more often than the fans or the refrigerant. A faulty control panel or thermostat could be blamed if your heating or cooling system is constantly cycling or not achieving the correct temperature. If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, your air conditioner may turn on and off frequently or stop working altogether. If that’s the case, a new thermostat might be necessary.

Final Word:

Give us a call or visit our website if you need any help with your air conditioning. Even if you don’t want to solve an air conditioner problem on your own, you may always call our air conditioning repair services in Boerne, Tx, for help. Our technicians are well-versed in a wide range of air conditioner types and models, and they can help you keep your home cool all summer long.