The Guide To Fix An Air Conditioner That Won’t Turn On

Imagine a hot and humid summer afternoon when you feel the urgency of turning on your air conditioner to make the weather bearable. But alas! the machine won’t turn on. Yes, this is one of the most common incidents the users face, which is nothing less than a nightmare. Although AC repair in Boerne, TX, has an excellent team of experts, you might not be lucky enough to get hold of them in time. In such urgent situations, it’s always best to do the work on your own. Read this guide to get the necessary knowledge.

Steps To Follow


  • Replacing The Thermostat

The thermostat is an integral part of an air conditioner. It helps in controlling the process of temperature regulation, which is the main function of the machine. Often the thermostat wears out, or maybe its batteries are down. You need to check for its functioning and then make a decision. If it is beyond your capacity, contact AC service in Boerne, TX.

  • Malfunctioning Air Filter

Although people must prioritize cleaning the ac filter often, the reality is just the opposite. The majority of the cases reported to the repair services stem from filter problems. If the filter has been heavily filled with dust and dirt particles, it will probably obstruct the proper functioning of the air conditioner. Hence, try to clean the filter as a preliminary step.

  • Electricity Overload

If several appliances are operating simultaneously, the circuit system of your house may experience an overload. The fuse blows off during such cases, thereby protecting the system from being burned. Although the risk is avoided here, your air conditioner won’t turn on until you fix the fuse and circuit. If there has been heavy damage, immediately contact AC repair in Boerne, TX.

  • Wiring Issue

A defect in the wiring system of your house can have the same consequence. During air conditioner installation by Boerne, TX, make sure that the connections are properly established. A sudden noise and flickering from the appliances is a vital indicator of such defects. One needs to contact an electrician or ac repair services to look into this matter. In addition, you might have to contact an HVAC professional if it is necessary to run a diagnostic test.

  • Clean The Condenser Lines

Just like the ac filter, the condenser unit is also prone to dirt accumulation. With time, there might also be a growth of mold and algae. Often birds and rodents enter the lines and block them. Hence, switch off the power source for the ac and then clean the place properly. You can contact us for an immediate checkup of the lines and repair services.

The sudden malfunctioning of a costly appliance like an air conditioner might freak you out. But there is no need to fret. The AC service in Boerne, TX, has a team of experts for solving such issues. Contact Lindner Cooling and Heating to get the most efficient consultation and repair services.