How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC In The House?

Air conditioning does more than just cool a room; it also circulates and filters the air. This aids in the removal of dangerous contaminants like mold and pollen. Reducing airborne allergens in a home helps allergy and asthma sufferers breathe easier. But what happens if your AC unit needs some repairs? Do you have enough budget to get it repaired?

Situations like furnace breakdowns, lack of cooling when the temperature outside is sweltering – heating and cooling repairs can come as a shock, resulting in high HVAC repair bills. Many homeowners are concerned about unforeseen charges when calling an HVAC repair service – your heating and conditioning contractor won’t be able to quote you a price for the repairs until the root cause is identified.

If your AC is not working properly then look for AC Service near me. Read more to know the average repair costs for your AC unit to get an estimate.

Average AC Repair Cost

Repairing an air conditioner can cost ranging from $200 to $4,000, with the average homeowner spending roughly $350 on clearing the filter, resetting the system, and cleaning the AC unit.

A homeowner should expect to pay $175 for professional maintenance, which includes a filter change. Drain cleaning and inspecting, and changing the coolant can set you back roughly $500 on the higher end of the task. If your AC unit is not working properly, look for the air conditioning service in Boerne, TX.

AC Repairing Prices Based on the Type of Repair

Because replacement expenses can pile up quickly, it’s always a good idea to think about repairing the system instead of replacing parts. This is particularly true if your air conditioner isn’t very old. So, look for air conditioning repair in Boerne, TX.

  • Clogged air filter: Because the contractor will charge a minimal service charge to clean or replace the air filter, consumers may anticipate paying $75 to $195 for a blocked air filter.
  • Blocked AC drain: A blocked AC drain might cost between $100 and $150 to fix.
  • AC Freon recharge: The expense of having freon replenished ranges between $125 and $300.
  • AC Blower: An AC blower repair will most likely cost between $150 and $200.
  • AC Thermostat: The cost of repairing a thermostat ranges from $150 to $500.
  • AC Circuit board: A circuit board can be repaired for $200 to $250.
  • AC Coil: Professional air conditioning coil repair will cost between $200 and $475.
  • Air Duct: Air duct repairs might cost anything from $500 to $1,200.

A simple service call costs between $75 and $200. On an hourly basis, you should expect to spend between $65 and $150 per hour. So if you require repairs, then look for air conditioning repair in Boerne, TX.

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