How Do You Know That Your Furnace Is Broken?

Consider the cold, dry, and windy winters of Texas and its surrounding areas – now imagine what would happen if your furnace suddenly breaks down one winter night? Scary, right. Well, this could be a possibility because your furnace undergoes wear and tear due to regular use. There are certain recognizable signs to know that there might be a chance that your furnace is broken or on the verge of breaking.

Signs Your Furnace is Broken:

Let us look at some warning signs to know that your furnace is broken and is not functioning as it should be.

  • Emission of Carbon Monoxide From Your Furnace –

Carbon monoxide is a transparent, unscented, and dangerous gas, comes from several sources, and a malfunctioning furnace is the most common source. If you find your carbon monoxide detector turning off even once, immediately turn off your furnace and open doors and windows to let the toxic gas out. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause drowsiness, irritation, flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, and in some cases, even death. Carbon monoxide emission is an indication that your furnace needs repair.

  • Your Furnace is Not Generating Enough Warmth in the House –

The failure of your furnace to bring your house to the desired temperature is one of the most common signs that your furnace is broken. You might find cold spots throughout the house. The inconsistent flow of warm air through your furnace can be because of dirty, clogged filters or due to a bad blower. That means something is not right with your furnace, and you need to find an HVAC contractor near me.

  • The Blower Occasionally Blows Cold Air –

If your furnace’s blower suddenly, sometimes blows cold air instead of warm, it is a sure sign that your furnace needs repair. This can happen due to overheating the inner components of your furnace. Try troubleshooting your furnace, but if the vents still give out cold air, call for professional help.

  • Your Electricity Bills Shoot Up –

Of course, some increase in electricity bills is okay during the winter months. But if you notice a sudden increase in your heating bills, you might want to know the reason behind it. That can happen when the furnace needs to work harder to maintain the desired temperature at home.

  • You Hear Unusual Noises on Switching on Your Furnace –

Every time you switch on your furnace, you are greeted by banging, clanking, or gurgling noises – it is a sign your furnace isn’t working as it should be. Banging or clanking noises can be an indication that some components might be broken inside the furnace. While gurgling noises usually indicate a malfunctioning boiler. In either of these cases, you must find a heating installation near me to get assistance.

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