How Can I Know If My AC Relay Is Bad?

Air conditioner breakdown is one of the worst things to face on a blazing summer day. Be it due to compressor failure or problems with the circuits; you can never know it immediately. One problem that often goes unnoticed is the malfunctioning of the AC relay.

A bad ignition relay is not good for the performance of your AC, and you will be able to see its effects very clearly. In case of any maintenance and service for your AC, make sure to contact an AC service in Boerne, TX, and keep it running in good condition.

Now, if you are wondering what an AC relay is, then don’t worry. Read ahead and learn more about the problems that occur with the AC relay.

What is The Purpose of an AC Relay?

An AC relay is a component designed for sending electrical power to the compressor of the unit. Just like any other relay, it serves the purpose of delivering the power to the compressor. Without a good relay, your AC compressor will have difficulties switching on, or a lot of times, the compressor won’t turn on. Having problems with the compressor? Give a call to one of the best AC repairs in Boerne, TX, and hire a professional!

Indicators of a Bad AC Relay

Several signs indicate a problematic AC relay. Some of them are:

  • The compressor is not switching on

When you turn on your AC, you will hear a clicking sound. This is the indication that the compressor clutch has been activated. When the relay is not in a proper functioning condition, the compressor and the clutch will not receive any power. So, the malfunctioning of your compressor unit is a huge sign of a bad relay.

  • Improper cooling

If the AC compressor is dysfunctional, it will automatically lead to uneven cooling of your house. The compressor will probably switch on and off frequently, thus wearing down the system heavily. To ensure that your air conditioner’s lifetime is not shortened, you have to keep it serviced. Call an AC service in Boerne, TX, and state your problems.

  • Spike in energy consumption

One of the consequences of the malfunction of the compressor unit is the higher consumption of energy. Your air conditioning system will struggle to meet the temperature set by the thermostat and, so will run long cycles. This obviously will lead to more consumption of energy.

Causes for Failure of AC Relay

Sometimes, the relay just gets stuck. There is no other reason for its dysfunction. But most of the time, your AC relay burns out. The relay’s life is calculated in cycles so, after a certain number of operational cycles, the relay will burn out. You can contact an air conditioning installation in Boerne, TX, and replace your relay.

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