Heat Pumps Service in Boerne, TX

You may think that a heat pump provides hot air and is only beneficial during winters due to its name. However, this is not the only function of the heat pump. 

In addition, to keep you warm during the winters, a heat pump will also give you a cool breeze during summer. Heat pumps are versatile and useful throughout the year.

A heat pump is considered an ideal alternative to AC or heater due to:

  • Less energy consumption 
  • More affordable 
  • versatility

To keep the heat pump functioning decently, one will need heat pump services in Boerne, TX.

Common Problems With Heat Pump

  • Heat pumps are unable to provide warm air during winter or vice versa
  • Suddenly turning off and on
  • The air smells foul
  • Not working at all
  • Utility bills are too much to pay

Causes of These Common Problems

  • Filters and coils are not cleaned for a long time

A heat pump air filter needs replacement once every three months. Otherwise, the air filter will stop working. Once it stops working, the dirty components will stick to the other parts of the heat pump and block their efficiency. 

Similarly, the coil also needs frequent cleaning, and timely replacement as the coil is responsible for providing the air you want.

  • The heat pump’s refrigerant is leaking

Refrigerant leakage is a very common issue with almost all HVAC systems. It is common but dangerous as refrigerant can harm you and your system’s functioning. 

The refrigerant leakage leads to poor performance and other heat pump damages. It is recommended to call the technician and seal the leakage soon.

  • The starter capacitor is broken

The weird noises from the heat pump or the heat pump not working efficiently indicate that the starter capacitor is broken and needs replacement soon.

  • Circuit breaker trip and cause short cycling

Short cycling is the most common outcome of a tripping circuit breaker. A circuit breaker can trip due to over energy consumption, wrong thermostat setting, etc. When it happens, again and again, a technician needs to be hired.

  • The power supply is low

The inadequate power supply also causes short cycling. The damaged wiring or inappropriate wiring leads to less power supply.

  • The thermostat ether needs resetting or replacement

When your thermostat cannot set the required temperature, the airflow efficiency will surely decrease. 

What To Do When You Face Heat Pump Issues?

For common problems like thermostat setting, you can try restarting the thermostat, or for circuit breaker tripping, you can push the breaker to the off position and turn it on again.

But for all other problems, you will need heat pump servicing.

Benefits of Choosing Heat Pump Service:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Not risky like DIY services
  • Control of utility bills
  • Better cooling or heating
  • Longer lifespan
  • Good for health

If you face any of the mentioned heat pump issues or any other problem with your heat pump, choose Lindner Cooling and Heating

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