Furnace Cleaning Signs And Duration

Furnace cleaning is necessary to ensure that your furnace works efficiently throughout the winter without creating problems like a foul smell and poor indoor air quality. The cleanliness of your furnace directly affects your comfort. Contact Lindner Cooling & Heating for all HVAC services. We provide the best Heating Repair Near Me, and surrounding areas.

There is a fixed period after which you should contact a technician for cleaning, and some signs that indicate the need for an urgent cleaning schedule. Here is all you need to know about cleaning a furnace.

The Time Needed To Clean A Furnace

You should know what steps a professional technician follows while cleaning your furnace. These steps can help you estimate how much time the cleaning will need and then plan accordingly.

  • Cleaning and replacing air filters for high indoor air quality.
  • Cleaning flue pipes for proper removal of by-products.
  • Inspecting and repairing the heat exchanger for proper working.
  • Examining the safety measures of your furnace for a safer operation this season.
  • Checking the gas pressure for proper combustion of fuel.

Furnace Cleaning Signs

You should contact your technician before the winter season to clean your furnace. This cleaning will ensure maximum benefits from your furnace this winter season. If your furnace shows any of these signs, you should understand that the cleaning schedule was inadequate and your system needs an additional cleaning job. Signs indicating that the furnace needs cleaning:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

One of the indicators that the cleaning was not enough is poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality means your indoor air has too much dirt and dust, along with bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet hair, and allergens. Indoor air should be free of all these pollutants because purifying indoor air is one of the secondary features of a furnace.

  • High Energy Bills

You may not know, but dirt and dust can increase your energy bills if they stay inside your furnace for too long. Dirt and dust can reduce the overall efficiency of your furnace, so it will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If your furnace works overtime, it will consume more energy, and your energy bills will rise monthly. Ensure an extensive cleaning schedule for your furnace to control your energy bills.

  • Yellow Flame

A yellow flame in a furnace is a clear indicator of a dirty burner. A dirty burner means that there is still dirt inside your furnace, and a yellow flame means the fuel is not burning properly, leading to the excessive formation of carbon monoxide.

Excessive carbon monoxide in your furnace can cause leaks, so you should thoroughly clean your furnace to avoid such situations.


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