Five Ways to Stay Cool Without Blasting The AC

Our houses can provide little relief from the unpleasant heat and humidity when summer begins to scorch and temperatures soar without a proper cooling system. Yes, turning on the air conditioner will make you feel more comfortable if you have one, but doing so comes with a cost.

Five Ways to Stay Cool Without Blasting the AC

Here are five quick, easy, and useful tips to help combat the heat without blasting the air conditioning.

  • Shut and seal windows and doors: Opening windows allows warm air to enter, and even merely keeping the curtains up allows sunshine to enter, warming the space. If you can’t put up lined curtains or aluminum foil to reflect sunlight out of the room, at least close the blinds.

Additionally, concentrate just on the apartment area you will be in. Reduced on-air circulation is an advantage if the majority of the air that may circulate is warm air, which is the case when portions of the apartment are closed off.

  • Fans are your best friend during the hot months: The best course of action throughout the summer is to keep your home’s air conditioning system running. Use fans when it is warm outside instead of turning on the air conditioning. Create a wind tunnel through your house by placing them in your windows so the air flows from one room to the next.

If utilized wisely, fans may be equally as effective as air conditioning for less money. Blow the cooler air from the basement onto the main level if you have a clean, completed basement. Blow the air up from a lower floor if you plan to spend time on your home’s higher floors.

  • Include plants: If you already enjoy spending time cultivating plants in your yard, bringing a few of your favorites indoors will benefit you. Although everything from marigolds to magnolia trees may be useful, several indoor plant varieties are particularly good at cooling a space.

To utilize it in their development, they take heat from the surrounding space. They later release moisture into the air via transpiration, which provides further cooling benefits.

  • Disconnect the oven: Turn off and leave your oven off to keep things cool. We all know how scorching it can become while cooking over a hot stove. If grilling or barbecuing outside isn’t an option, think about utilizing a microwave or crock pot instead of your oven, as both produce much less heat. Soon you’ll see the change.
  • Alternate your AC filters frequently: If you have an air conditioner, replace your air filters every 4-6 weeks, especially during the months when it is used the most. A filthy filter also decreases airflow efficiency in addition to air quality. Recognize your filter size and keep a few on hand at all times.


A properly installed AC unit won’t have to exert as much effort to achieve results. Without raising the thermostat, a room can still be kept cool. Regular tune-ups may readily fix performance-robbing problems like blocked filters. If you require AC installation Boerne, TX.