7 Important Tips for Home Heating System Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing of your home heating system can help them to last longer and work more efficiently. You would not need to call in a professional every month to service your heating system if you have some basic knowledge on how it works and how to keep it functioning smoothly. 

Replacing a heating system can put a hole in your pockets and create havoc. To help you refrain from major damages and replace your heating system, we have curated a list of 7 tips that would help you in servicing and maintaining your heating system at home. 

Inspect and replace air filters:

The air filters are one of the main components of your heating system. You should make sure that your filters are clean to maintain the air quality inside your home. The air filters of your heating repair near me system should be cleaned once a month and replaced every three months. 

Replacing the air filters of your heating system makes the system more durable and helps in functioning more effectively. A clean air filter can help you refrain from more serious problems in your heating system in the long run. 

Examine the thermostat:

Examining the thermostat is the best way to know if your heating system is working to its full potential or not. This is the simplest way to do your heating system maintenance at home. You can turn on the thermostat and leave it running for a while to check if the system is working accurately. If the thermostat stops functioning after a few minutes, it is an indication that there is a problem in the system. 

Clean the outdoor unit:

While maintaining your heating system, do not forget to clean the outdoor unit as well. Usually, the dirt and dust can block the vents in the outdoor unit resulting in improper airflow. 

Thoroughly clean the outdoor unit and remove the leaves and debris from it for the proper functioning of your heating system. 

Keep internal vents tidy:

As much as the outdoor unit needs cleaning, so do the internal vents. The internal vents can get blocked due to the dust and dirt and needs to be cleaned every month. The dirty internal vents prevent proper airflow in the heating system and other severe issues. This can also reduce the heating efficiency of your system. 

Examine the heat pump:

It is advised that you examine the heat pump twice a year and ensure it is properly working. A heat pump tune-up is done to know if there are any issues in the system and to rectify them before excess wear and tear. 

Don’t run your system too much:

Overrunning your system will make it more susceptible to wear and tear. Make sure you give the system some rest to function efficiently and to its full potential. Rather than keeping your heating system on for long hours, check for leaks in your windows and doors. Make sure there is no cold or hot air passing through the room. 

Lubricate ports:

Lubricating the oil ports of the shaft of your heating system will improve the system’s heating efficiency. Lubricating the ports will make them more durable and help them last longer.

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