5 Typical Furnace Problems – And What You Can Do About Them

Even if you keep your appliances in good working order throughout the year, they are subject to wear and strain. It’s no different when it comes to a furnace, and we’ve all had problems with our heating systems at some time.

Modern heaters include many small and big components that may cause problems and even severe damage if you don’t get a professional heating service in Boerne TX.

Your furnace may show indications of dysfunction in a variety of ways, from blasting chilly air to an outdated heating system. The following are some of the most expected heating issues you may experience.

  • A Failing Thermostat

One of the most common difficulties individuals have with their heating systems is a faulty thermostat. Though your furnace fan continues to run even when the machine is turned off, this is a solid sign that your furnace thermostat isn’t operating correctly.

This prolonged running will use up the thermostat batteries needlessly, lowering the machine’s performance. To avoid this problem, check the furnace fan setting in the thermostat and adjust it to ‘AUTO’ mode if it is still set to ‘ON.’

  • Dirty Filters in Your Furnace

Your heating system’s air filters are in charge of removing dirt and debris from the air to distribute fresh air. As a result, the air filters collect dirt and dust over time. Many individuals fail to clean their filters, resulting in dusty and clogged filters.

It’s one of the most prevalent heating problems, and it puts extra strain on the machine. Furthermore, these clogged air filters prevent the heating system from releasing hot air, resulting in insufficient warmth. To avoid such problems, it’s a good idea to clean or replace your heater air filters regularly.

  • Rifts in The Heat-Exchanger

The heat-exchanger is the component of your heating system that separates air from heat and ensures that the equipment operates safely.

The heat exchanger may crack if your home is overheated or your furnace air filters are clogged. Because this is a complex problem, it is best to hire specialists for heating service in Boerne TX in such situations.

  • Dysfunctional Limit Switch

Your heating system thermostat will interact with the limit switch to turn on or off, dependent on its settings. As a result, if this switch is damaged or destroyed, the connection is cut off, and orders are not sent to the furnace fan. Consequently, your heater fan will either run continually or won’t turn on at all.

  • Over-Cycling

Over-cycling in a furnace may occur for various reasons, including clogged air filters, inadequate airflow, and heater settings that are too high or too low. Over-cycling frequently boosts your electricity costs; therefore, it’s essential to fix it as soon as you detect it.

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