5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

When things are running well with an HVAC system, numerous homeowners tend to forget that it even exists. However, not paying attention to your HVAC unit and not scheduling regular air conditioning service in Boerne, TX, can be detrimental for the system.

It can further lead to significant damages that will attract high repair costs in the long run.

Debunking Major HVAC Service Myths

HVAC expenses do not simply stop after you get your HVAC installed. There are numerous expenses that homeowners need to make to keep their system running in an efficient condition. Scheduling routine maintenance by calling for an AC service near me is one of those many expenses that homeowners try to reduce.

Numerous homeowners hold different opinions when it comes to HVAC services. However, you must understand that not everything you hear is authentic and always steer clear of some of these HVAC service myths mentioned below.

1. It is okay to replace air filters once a year

This is one of the common myths that many homeowners believe to be true. However, you must note that this is the biggest myth, and you must regularly clean and change the air filters once a month.

Not cleaning or changing the air filters regularly can make dirt and dust get accumulated in the filters. This dirt accumulation will lead to numerous other damages in the internal parts, and you would have to call for air conditioning repair in Boerne, TX, frequently.

2. Lowering or raising your thermostat temperature will cool or heat your home quickly

This is another widely accepted myth that every homeowner believes. However, always comprehend that this is not right. Setting your HVAC system at a lower or higher temperature than needed will only consume more power and enhance your utility expenses and service costs.

3. Shutting doors or vents can enhance efficiency

HVAC systems are devised to cool your place uniformly. Hence, it is not a great idea to shut doors or vents. Closing doors and vents of your place can likewise reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system rather than increasing it.

4. Regular HVAC tune-up is not required.

Not scheduling routine maintenance of your HVAC system not just enhances your energy consumption but can additionally create incurable damages to your system. Hence to ensure efficient working of your HVAC system, always schedule routine AC service near me.

5 – Bigger HVAC systems are always better

You must have heard from several people that installing a large-sized HVAC system at your home is always a good idea. However, this is yet another common myth and, installing a bigger or smaller HVAC system than required can make the unit incompetent and further attract higher utility expenses.

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