3 Common Heat Pump Problems and How to Fix Them

We realize the inconvenience you may face when you have problems with your heat pump. It’s common for heat pumps to have difficulties, just like any other component in your house. Knowing some basic heat pump troubleshooting methods might help you avoid hiring a heating service Boerne TX professional in some circumstances. 

These are the most prevalent heat pump problems and their causes and solutions provided by heating repair near me.

Non-Functioning Heat Pump

  • Problems with the thermostat

Double-check that your programmable thermostat is at the right temperature. If everything appears to be in working order, the issue might be a miscalibration. It can trigger an electrical malfunction or cause your thermostat to read the temperature inaccurately.

  • Power outage

A tripped breaker is sometimes the source of the problem. Check to see whether all of your breakers are in the right place. If this happens regularly, it’s most likely an indication of a heat pump electrical failure that needs repair.

  • The starter capacitor is faulty

If you hear a faint clicking noise when you switch on the heat pump, the starting capacitor is most likely the source of the problem. This component is in charge of conveying the electrical charge that turns on the motors. 

  • Broken reversing valve

The magic of the reversing valve allows the heat pump to function as a heater and an air conditioner. It is most likely the culprit if the heat pump kicks on when you want conditioned air.

The Heat Pump Has Been Running Round The Clock

  • Unexpected cold weather

Heat pumps, unlike furnaces, are meant to operate slowly. It’s conceivable that if the weather is cold, your heat pump will be running continuously without causing any problems.

  • Problems with the thermostat

It might be a miscalibration issue causing the thermostat to detect the temperature erroneously or a wiring issue signaling an electrical problem if it is. 

  • Compressor contactor failure

The compressor contactor regulates the amount of electricity supplied to your heat pump. If something is damaged, your heat pump may have to operate constantly. The part must be replaced by a heating service Boerne TX professional.

The Heat Pump is Not Capable Enough to Heat The House

  • The unit is disabled

Heat is drawn into your home by your heat pump from the air outside. If snow, ice, leaves, or other debris, block the airflow to your unit, the heat pump may struggle to function. Clean your heat pump and remove any debris obstructing or contact heating maintenance Boerne, TX.

  • The air filter is clogged

Air filters trap dirt and debris, but when too much accumulates, they can obstruct airflow to the compressor, which warms the air. Check your filter and replace it.

  • Low refrigerant charge

If your refrigerant levels are too low due to a leak, your heat pump will struggle to distribute enough heat to heat your house. Have a heating repair near me professionally inspect your system.

Troubleshooting heat pump difficulties may be complex, and if you’re having troubles regularly, it’s time to contact heating maintenance Boerne TX for help.

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